Marketing Simplified

We are small business owners turned marketing hackers. Years of overspending on unnecessary marketing strategies led us to create a suite of simple automated marketing tools for a world that lives on their phones. 

They don't shop like they used to.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling tvs, houses or plumbing services, in 2017 when a consumer decides to make a purchase, they pull out their phones and do three things: search, read reviews, and ask questions.

Consider this: John an Jane Doe need a birthday gift for little Janie. What do they do? They pull out their phones and Google “hottest new toys of 2017”. They click on the top few options and begin reading reviews. Once they realize that Garden Gnome Dolls have overtaken fidget spinners in popularity they can’t spend their money fast enough. (Names of toys have been changed for dramatic effect.)

To cut through the noise, companies have to focus on being easy to find, highly reccomended and easy to interact with. That’s where we come in…

A.I. Assisted Marketing

We’ve built a combination of artificial intelligence tools for automating the tedious stuff and a team of virtual communication and sales specialists who use them. This allows us to offer highly targeted marketing campaigns for affordable monthly subscriptions. Our campaigns are divided into three primary goals which are listed below.


First we make sure you are easy to find by optimizing your web and social channels using a combination of ads and SEO. You choose how much traffic you want and we make sure you get it.



Then, we recruit online influencers to write blogs, posts, and reviews about your product which builds consumer trust and increases your influence in the marketplace.



Finally, we function as your personal assitant by managing all incoming and outgoing social, email and phone conversations as well as keeping your communication calendar. This ensures that your product is easy to purchase and your customers feel important.

Pricing and Plans

The prices below are based on results. We value engagement over vague “impressions”. You will be given exclusive access to a personalized dashboard to track results and demographics.


  • Actions include clicks, likes, comments and shares on any digital platforms that you choose 
  • SEO recommendations for web, mobile, social and ecommerce channels
  • Real-Time Demographics and Analytics Dashboard for tracking progress and quality of traffic


  • 5 blogs or articles by influencers in your market with a minimum of 10,000 followers each
  • 10 positive reviews on top sites like Yelp, Amazon, and Google 
  • 30 positive comments on social posts about your product or service
  • Real-Time Demographics and Analytics Dashboard for tracking progress and quality of engagements


  • 1 dedicated customer service phone line
  • 1 hour response time on emails from customers
  • 1 hour response time on all social channels
  • Proactive social commenting on current and potential customer’s profiles
  • Real-Time Demographics and Analytics Dashboard for tracking progress and quality of conversations

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